Take it Like a Man

Stereotypes are one common thing everyone experiences each and everyday. When I was assigned this inquiry, I was not sure how I felt honestly. I was interested in this topic because I wanted to learn much more about stereotypes and why we have them. But after the first day of working with my group I realized how broad and a little difficult this process would be. I decided to research more about gender stereotypes, particularly from a male’s perspective, because as a male I encounter some of these stereotypes on a daily basis. My first question was why is it that most male stereotypes are superior to females? My second question was men are not supposed to have any emotions and be strong, what are psychological effects of that and how does it affect our culture? The psychological perspective of this is what I am really interested in because I have first hand experience with this. As a male, I choose not to express my emotions for two reasons. One reason I choose not too have any emotions is because I am normally a laid back person. But the second reason I do not reveal any emotions is because society has taught males not to because it shows weakness and as guy you just do not want to reveal that. This past spring I experienced that not revealing my emotions at all to anyone just took a huge toll on me mentally. Not revealing any of your emotions affects you in such negative way psychologically. Even though I was taught not to reveal any emotions, I find that venting and expressing your emotions to the right person is a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Although it does not take a major in psychology to discover that women are typically more emotional than men, that does not mean that men do not get emotional. In the article by Psychology today (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/he-speaks-she-speaks/201501/why-don-t-many-men-show-their-emotions), it states that society has taught males “not to cry” or “take it like a man.” Yeah but does that mean that men should not get emotional? In all honesty, it all depends on the type of male. Most men tend to not reveal their emotions but others may find that revealing their emotions is a relief, which it can be in a way.

In an article called “Gender and Emotion in the United States: Do Men and Women Differ in Self‐Reports of Feelings and Expressive Behavior?”(http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/382111?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents), it discusses the statistical perspective of males and females expressing their emotions. I previously mentioned in my last paragraph that women are more emotional than men and this article discusses that using data they received in research. The article also states that women express their emotions much more frequently and differently than men. So, does this mean that all women are always more emotional than men? Absolutely not, this is just a proven fact that most women express their emotions much more than men do. The article also discusses that there are men who express their emotions more than some women.

I found this article called “Men and Emotions”(https://www.mensline.org.au/emotions-and-mental-wellbeing/men-and-emotions) quite intriguing. This article talks about men and four particular emotions fear, sadness, happiness, and anger. The second and third paragraph of the article state that men might withdraw or hide their emotions and that men are self-reliant. Yeah this is true, but how do most men hide their feelings? “Men and Emotions” goes on to tell us that most men will try to hide their emotions by doing the following: withdrawing from family and friends, working longer hours, spending more time away from home, consuming more alcohol, or behaving recklessly and/or violently. From a psychological standpoint, this is how men are affected by not revealing their emotions.

(http://www.catherinecollegelibrary.net/classic/wompr3.asp) In this article, the history of male superiority is discussed. Ancient myths and legend state that males have always been the dominant gender. Males are also arguably the dominant gender even in today’s society. Although some may not agree with this, could men and women be equal and not one superior to the other? I honestly think that males are looked as the superior because males are stronger and have always been looked as the superior throughout history. But I do think that in the near future their will be equality between males and females and not one superior to the other.

(https://www.quora.com/Are-men-superior-to-women-If-so-in-what-ways) This article discusses the tendencies with men and in what ways they may be superior to women. One statement that caught my eye in this article was that men tend to be more aggressive and competitive due to high levels of testosterone. I stated in the previous paragraph that men tend to be more stronger physically than females which is also stated in this article. Women have to train much harder than men have to. Yes this is true but does that mean that all women are weaker to men because they are supposedly superior? No, not at all. For example, female UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is as strong as most men if not stronger than some men. I know she is stronger than myself and more men as well.

Using these five sources, I discovered the psychological affects of men not revealing their emotions and looked more in depth with the history of male superiority. With each step in this inquiry process, my group is going to learn more about why these stereotypes exist.


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