Males, Emotions, and Superiority

Each and everyday we notice common stereotypes. Some stereotypes may be ethnic based, gender based, or even aged based. The problem with stereotypes, believe it or not, is that it is beginning to control how we think and how we make assumptions. Going in depth with these common stereotypes will help myself better understand why we think this way.

Throughout history, men have always been much superior than females. It is always the men doing all of the hard work while women relax and take care of children and what not. It has been like this in history for some reason and I am going to find out why. In my research, I would like to learn much more about why most male stereotypes are superior to females and what are the psychological effects of men supposedly not having any emotions and always being strong. To begin I found a survey online from The Guardian (The Guardian Link: The title of this article is “Gender stereotypes: do men make better surgeons than women?” In this research survey, approximately 35% of people believe that men are better at being surgeons. But despite everyone wanting gender diversity in the workplace, the survey shows that we still picture certain genders in certain roles such as a male as a surgeon and a woman as a nanny. Despite the survey proving that men are somewhat better at certain jobs in the work force, you can not conclude that men are superior to women at all things. Everyone is talented in their own way, as a male, I do not agree with these stereotypes that men are superior to women.

Now for my second question, what are the psychological effects of men not showing their emotions? As I male, I can agree with this stereotype because society has always taught us to be strong and not show our emotions. But does that mean we do not get emotional? Absolutely not, males do have feelings we just do not express them as much as females do. An article from Psychology Today called “Why Don’t Many Men Show Their Emotions?” ( states that men do not show their emotions because it shows weakness. Growing up and even now males hear things like “Boys don’t cry” or “Take it like a man” and we just learn to not show our emotions. As I research more in depth I will learn the psychological effects from not revealing our emotions.


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